5 Reasons Why Cycling Is Better Than Driving


Many people need to travel from A to B in the most convenient and quickest way possible. Cars are the obvious choice for a lot of commuters but single speed fixies are becoming increasingly popular like on this site try here.

But did you know that many car drivers are leaving their vehicles at home? That’s right; they are opting for two-wheeled transport instead?

Here are five reasons why cycling is better than driving:

1. Cycling is greener

Even the greenest of petrol and diesel cars still produce greenhouse gas emissions. Ride your bike, and your carbon emissions are minimal! You are your bicycle’s engine, and you don’t need fossil fuels to run!

2. Cycling is convenient

It can often be difficult to find a parking space near to your destination. The problem is further compounded if you travel to a built-up area. But if you travel by bike, you can get as close to your destination without worrying about parking.

3. Cycling is cheaper

We all know that owning a car involves paying a lot of expenses on a regular basis. But with bicycles, you only have to change the occasional set of brake pads. Maybe even an inner tube or two once a year!

4. Cycling is fun

Don’t you just hate being stuck in traffic jams and breathing in exhaust fumes from other vehicles? Get on your bike, and you can whizz past those smelly cars and trucks, and enjoy going on the road again.

5. Cycling is good for your health

One of the best ways of keeping fit and healthy is to sit on the saddle and go cycling for a few miles. You don’t burn any calories sitting behind the wheel of your car!